Secure Google Cloud Functions with API Gateway

Photo by Sara Julie on Unsplash — This glass probably need an API Gateway



Create Google Cloud Functions

mkdir listSmoothies
mkdir orderSmoothie
touch listSmoothies/
touch orderSmoothie/
touch listSmoothies/requirements.txt
touch orderSmoothie/requirements.txt
gcloud functions deploy listSmoothies --region=europe-west2 --trigger-http --entry-point listSmoothies --runtime python38 --no-allow-unauthenticated
gcloud functions deploy orderSmoothies --region=europe-west2 --trigger-http --entry-point orderSmoothies --runtime python38 --no-allow-unauthenticated

Create the API

  1. Connect to your Google Cloud Console :
gcloud services enable 
gcloud services enable
gcloud services enable

API Part

Name : SmoothAPIID : smoothapi

API Config Part

  1. Keep “Create new API config”
Api Config Name : Medium Config
Select “Cloud Function Invoker”

Gateway part

Name : SmoothAPI Gateway


Access the API

Huuuuurrrrayyyyyy!! Instagramable smoothies!!

Rate Limit & Secure the API with API Keys




Future Unicorn Founder — Using tech for good

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Beranger Natanelic

Beranger Natanelic

Future Unicorn Founder — Using tech for good

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