A free built-in solution after hours reading fuzzy documentations

This tutorial follows the implementation made in this tutorial where we created an API with two routes for a Smoothie shop:

With Google API Gateway, deployment, maintenance and monitoring is made easy. …

Create an interface to protect your resources

Photo by Sara Julie on Unsplash — This glass probably need an API Gateway

In my previous article, I give security advice for full-stack beginners. I talk about many aspects to be considered when deploying a backend online. One of them (and I insist!!) concerns the importance of having an API Gateway protecting public routes.

I will…

Having a side project is great, if it’s safe for the users


This article contains essential advice for beginners building their first web application, it also contains amateur hacking techniques that can considerably impact a web application. …

90% accuracy misses the mark

Let me tell you the story of a data scientist intern, so happy to use machine learning algorithms on real-life data after a year studying Iris dataset, comparing Sepal.length and Petal.width.

This intern was assigned his first task in his new company. From browsing data…

Create, write, update, update permission, move to folder with Google Sheets API and Google Drive API (and a cup of tea).

Google Suite is maybe the most used tool in companies. I wonder why it was such a struggle to manipulate the API using Python. Google documentation is complete but misses clear examples. Even the Python Quickstart is complicated for someone who only wants to create a spreadsheet…

I wrote this…

and a cup of tea

This article shows how to use a set of tools available in Google Cloud Platform that allows your team to set up a development + automated build + continuous delivery pipeline using Google Cloud Engine + Google Cloud Build.


  • A server running on Google Cloud…

Getting started with a minimal Node.js “ping” app

This post shows how to deploy a minimal Express.js application to production from zero. It could be the starting point of any node project.

Minimum installation. Minimum code.

Skeleton code

I hate tutorials like “How to build <a-super-long-and-difficult-task> in only 5 minutes !” …

Go 100x faster for simple detection tasks.

For a recent project, I had to detect IMEIs (International Mobile Equipment Identity) from an image.

The IMEI could be printed or handwritten. I had to think about every possible cases.

My first idea was to build a neural network using tensorflow …

Going through the process, solving common errors

I started many React Native apps from scratch using Windows and Mac OS for Android and IOS devices. My first advice : be ready for some tough time.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open source framework for building Android and iOS applications using React.

Start from the ground. Finish in the cloud.

No BS: in few minutes you will have a React app running online.

No coding knowledge required, except knowing what “terminal” means.

We will build, from scratch, an app that send a temperature to a Cloud Function and receive a response message…

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